Walden Pond Book

Photographs by Bonnie McGrath    Reflections by Henry David Thoreau

Photographer Bonnie McGrath has gathered a collection of Walden photographs, taken in all hours and seasons over a twenty year period, in a handsome hardcover book. Matched with quotations from Thoreau’s Walden, Bonnie’s photographic images invite you to stand in his shoes and see the world as he did.

A “New England Landmarks” book originally published by Commonwealth Editions, Beverly, MA. and now by Applewood Books in Carlisle, MA. Hardcover, 7″ x 7″, 34 photographs, 64 pages, now in Second Edition. Price $14.95. With priority shipping/handling within U.S., $20.00. Please include $.93 state tax per book, if Massachusetts resident.

  • 1 book – $14.95
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  • 2 books – $29.90
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  • 3 books – $44.85
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