DSC_0009Lightdance Studio is a place where “expressive realism” reigns.

Bonnie enjoys working with color and shape but often ignores the rules. It is spontaneous work (play?) and uses free flowing watercolor and other media with varied techniques in a relaxed, playful, freeing, almost no-effort way. When the artist is at her best she is in a kind of meditative state, a free timeless space where time stops and all else seems to disappear. Then magic happens. These paintings and limited edition prints are for sale. The originals and giclée* prints are created on archival paper and will withstand the ravages of time if handled with care. In fact the prints have been known to last longer than the originals; sometimes up to 100 years.

If you see a painting you like but would like a less costly version please ask about a Giclée* fine art print (see below).

*What is a Giclée? (Gee-clay)You may notice that some of these paintings are called giclées. The giclée is a limited-edition fine-art print made on acid-free Hahnemühle or Arches 100% rag watercolor paper using the newest archival pigmented inks available which claim to have a 100 year fade resistance. It’s recommended that digital prints be cared for in the same way as watercolors and photographs—best kept in indirect lighting. It is nearly impossible to distinguish the print from the original and also the cost to the buyer is much more affordable.